SAP Education South Africa

Customer Name : SAP Education South Africa


Details of Services Provided :

  • PCS presents various different courses throughout the year in the SAP Technology area for Administration, Development and Security
  • PCS is a preferred SAP Education Partner with 7 SAP Certified Trainers


Services that Peev Consulting offer to SAP Education

1. SAP Education South Africa

As a strong competitor in the SAP environment we have come to build a solid relationship with SAP South Africa over the past few years. We are one of the preferred training providers to SAP South Africa. We have 7 preferred trainers that have been approved by SAP as the best in these fields and first in-line to present courses should they be scheduled.

PCS have trained on behalf of SAP South Africa at international venues before and these include countries like Mozambique and Kenya.

All the training courses are globally rated on a scale of 1-7, we have maintained an average of 6.7 out of 7.0 per training course over the years. We helped maintain SAP South Africa Campus to have been in the top 3 in the World the past 3 years and we kept the number 1 position in the World last year for best training academy location.

2.SAP Education Internationally

PCS has in the past presented various academies for SAP Belgium (Brussels), SAP Finland (Helsinki), SAP UK (Heathrow) and SAP Dubai.